Our Facilities

Large range of facilities available from Elysium Gardens.

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  • Multi-faith provision to accommodate all religions.
  • Services offered 24 hours a day to provide the most user-friendly options and to provide for the ‘at need’ demand requiring burial within 24 hours.
  • The grounds and buildings are constructed and managed to the highest standards, following best practice as published by all relevant agencies including the Ministry of Justice, the Institute of Cemetery & Crematorium Management and English Heritage

Key facilities quote

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  • The rights enshrined within the Charter for the Bereaved will be met and the standards set by the Green Flag award scheme (administered by the Civic Trust) will be sought.
  • The landscape and buildings are contemporary in design and finished to the highest standard.
  • Facilities include the chapel, a private meeting room to advise the bereaved when making arrangements for services and memorials, washing facilities, toilets, baby changing facilities, First Aid provision, a café and a florist. Ample seating and shelters are provided for cemetery and memorial garden visitors.
  • Clear maps and signage are erected throughout the site.

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  • Marquee facilities are provided for pre and post funeral gatherings
  • State of the art audio visual equipment is available in the chapel.
  • Liveried golf buggies and mobility aids are provided to enable the disabled and elderly to move around the park.
  • Security is aided by a manned gatehouse, with CCTV coverage across the site and principle buildings.
  • Pre-cast ‘clean’ graves are prepared in advance of any burials to enable a consistent and well-maintained landscape for those attending a funeral.
  • Canopies are provided to cover mourners when witnessing the burial.

Key facility item

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  • Minimum 50-year leases available on all burial plots.
  • Ongoing maintenance programme to ensure the long-term preservation of the cemetery.
  • Manicured Memorial Gardens with a natural water feature for the remembrance of cremated remains.
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  • A wide-ranging choice of memorials are available to permit freedom of expression in the commemoration of the dead.
  • A specially designated area has been set aside for the burial of babies and young children, which will be prepared in consultation with the local SANDS group.
  • Chapel service times are a minimum of 45 minutes with the option to extend this period as required by the family.

Key facility item

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  • Shroud burial will be permitted, and we encourage the use of environmentally friendly urns and coffins.
  • We provide option to stream the service worldwide on the web for those who are unable to attend.
  • There are a wide range of burial options to provide flexibility in both choice and budget.
  • The chapel is fitted with an induction loop system and a flexible seating system to accommodate wheelchair users as part of the main congregation.
  • We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor remembrance facilities and options. These will include on-line commemoration, columbaria and memorials made from a selection of materials.
  • Those wishing to witness and / or participate in the back filling of graves will be accommodated
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