Buying a Burial Plot

The traditional method of purchasing the burial plot at the time of need is no longer the only choice. The pre-need purchase of a burial plot alongside the pre-payment for a funeral care plan is now a regular occurrence, as we come to realise the diminishing availability of burial space, especially in London, and the continuous price inflation in the funeral industry which has witnessed over 100% price growth in the past 12 years. All of this, coupled with the desire to personalise the way that we want to be remembered, has led to a significant rise in the pre-need purchase market.
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At Elysium Gardens we have made provision for both the ‘at need’ and the ‘pre-need’ market with a variety of payment structures to suit you.

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Order a burial plot

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At Need Purchase Options

If you are purchasing a burial plot for a recently deceased person we offer two types of purchase, the first being the purchase of a right of internment on a 50 year lease payable in advance of the burial along with internment fees, lifetime maintenance of the plot and a deposit for the headstone.

In order to enable you to make the right choices at this time we are aware of the financial burden that this can often cause, with monies being tied up in probate etc, and in recognition of this we also offer a deferred payment scheme whereby we provide a credit facility for up to 75% of all funeral costs for a period of up to 2 years interest free*.

Pre-Need Purchase Options

The advance purchase of a burial plot has proven to be a wise investment for many over the past 30 years, as we have witnessed an average price growth approaching 10% per annum throughout this time. This, coupled with the diminishing availability of quality burial space, has encouraged many families to purchase multiple plots, to take care of future generations, in the knowledge that
they can all be buried together eventually

Planning ahead can provide you with a great sense of satisfaction knowing that you have relieved the stress of others when you die.

Making the decisions on how you want to be remembered are all very important and at Elysium Gardens, alongside any pre-need burial plot purchase we provide a free will writing service attended by both an independent solicitor and financial advisor to assist you in making the important decisions that will affect your family when you die.

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The pre-need purchase of a burial plot can either be made in full or on an interest free payment plan* over 2 years.

Should you decide that you do not require the burial plot in the future we are happy to sell the plot on your behalf with all proceeds of the sale being paid to you.

*There is an administration charge of 5% added to the cost of this facility.